lebt noch, schreibt aber grad nicht

Leaving the Plains

Day 3: Rakaia Gorge to Fairlie

Got up at 6, it was still drizzling, but dry enough to pack and leave. The forecast was promising, but I could not see the ‚mostly fine‘ yet. After a steep climb out of the gorge, I had another morning of boring roads through the Canterbury Plains, past some of the mountains we climbed earlier in the year. At least that’s what the signs said, the low clouds prevented me from actually seeing them. At lunchtime I reached Geraldine, and from here the road and the weather improved. Leaving the Canterbury Plains and entering McKenzie Country, the landscape becomes hilly, and I even got a glimpse of the ‚real mountains‘ I am heading for. After 134 km (I had to make up for yesterday), I reached Fairlie in the afternoon. The Campsite has free internet access, but the computer doesn’t like my camera, so no pictures this time. I’m doing well, even my legs are fine.

Wieder auf der StraßeJust a roadJust a road

You may have noticed that I switched to english. If there’s anyone who can’t read german and would like me to continue, please leave a comment. Das gleiche gilt, falls jemand unbedingt auf deutsch besteht.

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  1. Hey Adriaan,

    I can read the english posts, but not the german ones 😉

    Have a safe trip, sounds fun and exhilarating.

    Yeah, that Saturday Dec 20 was full on wet. Stay dry…

    happy holidays,