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Day 21: Mavora Lakes to Queenstown

After a sunny morning on the bike, I reached Walter Peak Station, from where I took the boat to Queenstown. Here I am now in New Zealand’s centre of extreme sports and party tourists, and I don’t like it! The campsite is the most expensive I’ve had so far ($18 plus $1 for a hot shower), it’s packed with campervans, it’s loud, and people don’t look at each other. But I’m still going to stay for a day of rest because I need to buy a new book, and my bike still needs fixing.

Ford on Mavora Lakes RoadMavora Lakes RoadMavora Lakes RoadMavora Lakes RoadMavora Lakes RoadTSS EarnslawEarnslawQueenstownLake Wakatipu

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  1. Friederike sagt:
    16. Januar 2009 um 12:41 am

    Hallöchen, lieber Adriaan,
    bekommen wir bald noch ein paar mehr Bilder von Deinen Fahrradabenteuern zu sehen?!
    LG, Friederike