lebt noch, schreibt aber grad nicht

Fox Glacier

Day 26: Lake Paringa to Fox Glacier

Cycling up the West Coast, I entered Glacier Country. New Zealand has many glaciers, the most famous being Fox and Franz Josef. They are both easy to get to, and Franz Josef is even visible from the main road. The special thing about them is that they flow all the way down into the rain forest, which makes for good walks. Also, the New Zealand glaciers are probably the only ones in the world that have advanced in recent decades. This is because it’s been so dry in Australia, causing very hot air to cross the Tasman Sea, bringing lots of rain (and snow) to the West Coast.

I reached Fox around lunchtime, and got the last spot on a guided glacier walk. Since this was my very firsrt glacial experience, it was really good and interesting, though the actual time we spent on the ice was rather short.

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