lebt noch, schreibt aber grad nicht

Hot Springs at Welcome Flat

Day 27 & 28: The Copland Track

Two days without cycling! I left my bike and most of my gear at the campsite in Fox to go tramping on the Copland Track. After hitchhiking the 30km south to the start of the track, I spent a wonderful day walking through the rainforest and climbing to Welcome Flat. The track continues from there, and it is possible to cross the Souther Alps and come down to Mt. Cook on the other side. For the less adventurous there is a nice hut and some natural hotpools. I picked the right day to come, because apparently the hut was totally full the previous night, and almost empty when I was there. I had a good evening with a cold beer in a hot pool ­čÖé

Copland TrackCopland TrackCopland TrackHotpoolsHotpoolsWelcome Flat Hut

Next day, same way down, and it took even less time to get a ride back to my bike. I stayed another night in Fox and went to have a look at Lake Matheson, which offers one of New Zealand’s most famous views.

Lake MathesonLake MathesonMt Cook and Tasman