lebt noch, schreibt aber grad nicht

The West Coast

12. Januar 2009

Day 25: Pleasant Flat to Lake Paringa

The West Coast is supposed to be one of the rainiest places in the country, but at least today, it was sunny and warm. I reached the coast, and the township of Haast around lunchtime, and was a little disappointed of the „supermarket“, which really isn’t one. Later I would find out that there is no proper supermarket anywhere between Wanaka and Hokitika, about a week away. So my food choices were somewhat limited, and I had to buy everything at double price.

In the afternoon I went for a little rainforest walk to Munro Beach, before I cycled the last bit to Lake Paringa, where I stayed again at a DOC campsite.

Solitude No 2Haast BridgeWest CoastWest CoastWest CoastLake Paringa

Haast Pass

11. Januar 2009

Day 24: Wanaka to Pleasant Flat

Leaving Wanaka, the route follows the shores of Lake Hawea and Lake Wanaka, entering Mount Aspiring National Park, and leading north towards the West Coast. Haast Pass is the southernmost and lowest pass crossing the Southern Alps, and coming from Wanaka there are only about 100 m to climb before the steep descent into the rain forest. I stayed the night at the DOC campsite at Pleasant Flat.

Lakw HaweaRoad to the West CoastRoad to the West CoastRoad to the West CoastGates of HaastPleasant Flat

Crown Range

10. Januar 2009

Day 23: Queenstown to Wanaka

The challenge of the day was the road over the Crown Range, which at 1076 m is the highest sealed road in New Zealand. I came from the steep side, which meant I had some real climbing to do, and was rewarded with a 40 km downhill ride. I must say that people were quite unsupportive; only one single driver gave me a thumbs-up, and that during the whole two-hour-or-so climb…

I had been told that Wanaka is actually a lot nicer than Queenstown, but I didn’t expect it to be so opposite. The campsite was nice and quiet, the bike shop fixed my bike on the same afternoon I brought it in, even the local supermarket is a New World (which I liked a lot better than the Fresh Choice they have in Queenstown).

Shotover RiverCrown Range RoadCrown RangeCrown Range SummitCrown Range SummitYeehaa!


9. Januar 2009

Day 22: Queenstown

After a rather loud night I got up far too early to look for someone to fix my bike. After wandering around and waiting for them to open, I was told that the bike shop people are totally incredibly busy, but I was welcome to leave the bike with them for a couple of days. I didn’t.

Mission two was the purchase of a new book, which was more successful. I bought two. By that time it started to rain seriously, so I abandoned my original plan of a day of tramping, had a nice muffin and chai latte, and started reading.

I still didn’t like Queenstown, so no pictures today.


8. Januar 2009

Day 21: Mavora Lakes to Queenstown

After a sunny morning on the bike, I reached Walter Peak Station, from where I took the boat to Queenstown. Here I am now in New Zealand’s centre of extreme sports and party tourists, and I don’t like it! The campsite is the most expensive I’ve had so far ($18 plus $1 for a hot shower), it’s packed with campervans, it’s loud, and people don’t look at each other. But I’m still going to stay for a day of rest because I need to buy a new book, and my bike still needs fixing.

Ford on Mavora Lakes RoadMavora Lakes RoadMavora Lakes RoadMavora Lakes RoadMavora Lakes RoadTSS EarnslawEarnslawQueenstownLake Wakatipu